sale up to 60% off men's suits coats jackets and blazers

Sale is on, here’s to how to take the most out of it. Cheers to save big!

Oh the sale season… The discounts, the hundreds of newsletters, the adverts on TV… But if you want to save big you need to be smart.

Even though we are a retailer we believe in best practices.  This means transparency, honesty and putting the customer first. During sale, we (retailers) have a great chance of 1- keeping our loyal customers happy and 2- getting new customers, and keep these happy as well! Here’s 3 tips on what to look for while shopping Sale;

  • Sale products sell faster. If you really, really want a product get it straight away, chances are it will sell out quickly. But, if you wait you will get a better price, as retailers usually drop sale prices every 2-3 weeks.  Prioritize what you need and want.


  • Keep an eye out for changes in the returns policy. A lot of retailers change their returns policy during sale periods, this is perfectly legal even though it might be upsetting for the customer. If you are not sure that the product will fit nicely, check the size guides or contact customer service before you purchase. P.S. We don’t change our returns policy during sale periods,  30 day returns all year long!


  • Think ahead – sale is a great opportunity to grab gifts for future occasions. Is it your father’s birthday in September? Get in now! Take advantage of the discounts and get even nicer gifts, below budget.  Thinking about next year’s Secret Santa already?


Check our Sale and save up to 60%



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