A modern man guide to wearing suits

There’s a general misconception that suits are boring and old fashioned. We say – no way!

If your job requires you to wear suits every day we can understand how you start looking at suits as uniforms – no personal touch, no creativity. But nowadays the tailoring industry developed and became trend-aware, thinking about suits in a ‘fun’ and challenging way.

Yes, the basics are the same. The quality and the making are important and will define how the suit feels and looks. But the suits industry evolved into adapting suits for the new-age gentleman, the modern, active, stylish man.

We don’t want you to wear suits because you have to, we want you to wear it because you like it. Kill the boredom, enjoy the details!

From contrast threads to bold pocket squares, there’s a lot of small, refined details that add an edgy touch to a suit. Want to make it unique? Change one button in the cuffs. Put the same-old plain grey tie aside and mix up some patterns or add a splash of colour. No need to wear a tie? Even better. Try a new folding for your pocket square (you may even discover a new passion for origami)

Did you know the menswear industry grew significantly in the past 6 years? Men care about how they look, what they wear, and that’s a step forward. Feeling good about yourself increases your self-esteem and confidence, and that goes a long way in your personal life. Feeling like a real-life James Bond already?

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