Some may say shopping tailoring online is tricky but it’s all about measuring yourself.

Discover how to measure yourself for a suit. Once you know your measurements, size guides will be your best friend. To make it easier, take a note and keep it on your phone.


Ready? Grab a tape measure, put on a shirt and let’s get to work.

There are 3 main measurements in suits: chest, sleeve length and trouser length.

Chestadam wears grey suit chest

To take chest measurements, measure across your chest, passing under the armpits, and all the way across your back until the tape measure meets.

If all around your chest is 99-101 cm that means you’re a size 40″.






adam wears grey suit shoulder


You may want to ask someone to help you on this one, just to make sure the measurement is taken correctly.

With a straight arm, measure the arm from the top seam on the shoulder, all the way to the cuff. The sleeve shouldn’t cover your hand and the shoulder shouldn’t be ‘pointing’ out.




how to measure suit trousersTrousers

Here you will measure the inside leg to find out your suit’s length.

Place the tape measure on the crotch, right where the seams meet in between the legs.

With a straight leg measure it all the way down to the hem, or your preferred length.

This will determine if you wear S (short), R (regular) or L (long) length suits. The standard inside leg seam for Short is 74cm, 79cm for Regular and 84cm for Long. Although this may vary depending on fit and brand, this is general measurements that will be helpful as guidelines.



how to measure a suit jacket


The back length defines the jacket length.

Again, you may want to ask someone to help you to make sure the measurement is taken correctly.

With a straight back (natural, don’t make yourself taller), measure from the neckline to the hem. Please make sure you are not measuring from the neck, visualise an invisible line connecting your shoulders and place the tape measure right in the middle, where your neck meets your back.

Ideally, a suit jacket will sit on the tights, maybe slightly longer than the sleeve but never too much. This is elongate your torso and enhance your silhouette.


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